Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kahn and Westheimer

In this article the discussion of service learning comes into play, two different examples are used to get their point across. One of a 12th grade history teacher named Mr. Johnson, and the other of a teacher named Mrs. Adams. Johnson explained that his children's projects, would "interact with those less fortunate than themselves and would experience the excitement of the joy of learning while using the community as a classroom". Mr. Johnson did  not require any extra reflection upon completing their projects, therefore in my eyes, almost defeating the purpose. Even though they were getting a hands on experience and that is always a good way to apply learning, it is also good to have something in the end to help you reflect, otherwise I would feel as though I was just doing community service, instead of a learning project.
Mrs. Adams, had her students work together as well as having a main topic which was "the issue of homelessness in America". During their projects they had to write journals and reflections. I feel as though Mrs. Adams way is more effective. I think this because her has more of a learning process, not only are they working in their community and getting the hands on experience, but they are also able to relate it back to the classroom. This is a whole learning process in itself.
I was able to relate this to my service learning project. I was placed into different classrooms where I felt as though the work that I was doing was like charity, but find ing my place in the classroom, I was able to make connections and write journals and blogs about my experience to connect to other aspects I had learned in class.

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