Thursday, December 8, 2016


Kristof's piece, really resonates with me. The article "U.S.A. Land of Limitations?", Kristof argues with the ideas that this country for so many years has allowed the social class overshadow the opportunities and growth and learning of young children and even adults in our country. "I fear that in 2015 we've become the socially rigid society our forbears fled, replicating the barriers and class gaps that drove them away". U.S.A when many think of that they think of the land of the free, free thoughts, free ideas, free opportunities. By Kristof saying this, he is highlighting the sad reality that our country still oppresses those who live in poverty so that the are stuck in that rut of being in poverty, and those who thrive in success stay successful. We live in a greedy world one where once some get the taste of that rich lifestyle they hold on to it for dear life, while others are scraping at the walls of the hole our society dug for them.
It is rare and happy cases that children born into poverty are able to overcome the hole that was dug for them without their consent. These children didn't ask for this, hell nobody wants that, especially to see their children grow up that way too. Our society is failing most, its making the wealthy rise more and more everyday as it leaves a trail of poverty close behind it. There is no need for class gap. We our embarrassing our country by not being able to help our own.

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  1. I like how you mentioned that no one asks for the cards they were dealt. Children are thrown into this poverty and are expected to rise above even though there is oppression on them because of their race?